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When Prince Liander and his Guardian, Hollis, are captured during a
raid while visiting the south coast of Tesla, they find themselves
chained in pairs to other captive villagers. Once taken aboard ship,
they realize they're prisoners of their country’s ruthless enemy, and
for his protection, it's vital Liander's identity is kept secret.

The new slaves are horrified to learn they're to be trained in the use
of swords, other weapons, and unarmed combat so they can fight in
an arena for the entertainment of their captors. The situation is made
worse because Fortil, to whom Liander is chained, has no respect for
his prince and has only one goal—to force the young man to have sex
with him. Yet there is only one man Liander is interested in, and it
certainly isn't Fortil.

Hollis worries about his charge, wishes to whisk Liander to safety,
but there's nothing he can do as they are kept separate in different
training halls, chained to other slaves, and seeing each other only
rarely. Escape seems impossible, and desperation grows when it
becomes obvious they may be forced to one day battle each other for
their very survival...
The friendship that they have is the building block of their
relationship. I enjoyed watching the bond that deepens between the
two as their adventure progressed. The trust and faith that they have in
each other was a beautiful thing to see. Making this a book that should
be on many to be read lists.
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This was an interesting book with a solid story.  Woods created two
great main characters and did some good world building.  There were
not any of the “what the hell?” gaps that are often found in short
fantasy books.
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