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History and fiction meet at the crossroads in these erotic tales of
love and lust. From ancient Israel and Greece and Rome, to the
time of the Vikings, the Wild West, Woodstock, and all points in
between, witness the steamy encounters, lurid battles, raucous
clashes, and tender moments of couples who span the centuries.

794 A.D.
When the Norsemen attack the Northumbrian coast, the local
farmers are called by their liege lord to help defend the Jarrow
Priory.  Two close friends and lovers pray they live to meet again
at the end of the day.
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794 A.D.
LUST IN TIME Anthology
I loved this story (794 A.D.) it was sexy and sweet. It shows
that sometimes though love is hard it does overcome all
obstacles. My heart went out to the two that they could never
show their love publicly yet would always find a way.
Lust In Time, will have a little bit of something for anyone
who enjoys historical gay fiction. Most of the sixteen stories
within are written very well and capture the period of time
in which they are set. I felt I was right there in the era as I
read each tale.
Well. I've finished this anthology and I'm sad it's over. I
could have kept going. This is the best anthology I have ever
read. It is well edited, in every sense of the word, the stories
all well written. They may have been short but not one
missed the mark.
Lust In Time is an absolutely fascinating collection of stories
by various talented authors that offer a look at life, lust, and
passion through the ages.
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