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After an injury, Audin desperately needs the help of a healer, and is shocked
to discover the one recommended to him is Tener, a man he hasn’t seen since
their split following a blazing argument a dozen years earlier. Since those
days, both men have experienced much during their years apart, and life has
tempered them. Even though Tener is now a healer rather than the doctor he
ought to have become, and Audin is an engineer working for an authoritarian
government department, they realize they still have much in common.
Including a fierce sexual attraction to each other.

Upon learning that Audin’s life is at stake from an implant placed inside him
by the government, and with his own career at risk due to Audin’s position,
Tener confesses his secret involvement with an underground organization
fighting to bring down the corrupt and dangerous regime.
The men quickly comprehend that they must work together, hoping to solv
Audin’s problem and, in consequence, that of others infected by the vicious
piece of technology. But can Tener remove the evil device from Audin
without killing him in the process?
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Ask David
Audin and Tener never had a relationship, although both
were crushing on the other in silence, however since
Audin’s life crashed when reality happened, he’s not
going to let Tener go again.
It is a great story and I enjoyed reading it.