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After yet another bad dream, Leland accepts he can no longer keep
his secret; the time had come to confess all to his best friend, Drew.
He sets out early in the morning, determined yet fearful of Drew’s
reaction to  what he must tell him. Leland has loved Drew ever
since they were teenagers and together they experimented with
their sexuality, but Drew has only ever been his best friend. He
dreads maybe even losing that when Drew learns the truth.

Halfway through the forest to Drew’s home, however, Leland is
forced to take cover when he sees a large grey wolf tailing another
man. His concern turns to shock when the man abruptly shifts to
become a wolf  and attacks the grey wolf.

The fight is swift and bloody and ends when the man-wolf runs off.

Leland gets his second shock of the morning when the grey wolf
abruptly shifts to become human. To become Drew. Too surprised
to do more than watch as his now naked best friend rushes off,
Leland is in for yet another surprise when he finally gathers the
courage and confronts Drew later  that morning.
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The story was well written and since the whole plot
revolves around secrets, it was something easy to relate
to. If you enjoy a little taste of the paranormal world, then
this might be for you.
While approaching Drew’s house, he finds that Drew has
got a secret of his own, and it’s a doozy. When they talk,
they find out that secrets never go away, that they always
find a way to come out in the end. And sometimes with
disastrous results.
Stevie Woods has created an impressive short story
blending a sensual budding romance with elements of
dangerous action. I greatly enjoyed Another Secret.
I recommend this if you want a basic shifter story,
forgiveness, hidden love, hot sex, a touch of danger,
vengeance sought and a happy ending when the secrets
are revealed.