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The sequel to the best seller, BEST POLICY
On a mission with the rest of their team surveying a deserted city,
Adam and Rafe, now a committed couple, investigate one of the many
buildings, which, due to its contents, Rafe has dubbed the "library."
Adam unknowingly operates some kind of machinery, and in a flash
of light, the floor opens beneath his feet. In a desperate attempt to save
his lover, Rafe gets caught in the same trap.
While their team-mates search for them, Rafe and Adam find
themselves trapped in adjoining cells, unable to touch or see each
other properly, but grateful that at least they can communicate with
each other. Though it doesn’t help them to understand what is
happening as the walls change shape around them. Adam’s cell gets
gradually smaller while Rafe is offered what seems to be a way of
escape—but is that just one more trick of the strange trap in which
they find themselves?
Will they be able to free themselves, or will they die together—but
desperately alone?
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