The sequel to the best seller A FAVOR FOR A FRIEND!
On a mission with their team surveying a series of ruins, Bart and Jake have
yet another disagreement when Jake refuses permission for Bart to
investigate certain buildings. A disgruntled Bart, however, disobeys the
major and enters a ruin he is particularly interested in, believing it will
reveal something of the language of the long-disappeared inhabitants.
But soon Bart realizes he’s made a mistake when he becomes trapped
underground with no-one knowing his whereabouts, and he’s then subjected
to a cave-in, and this time Bart doesn’t believe he has any chance of being
found, let alone being rescued.
When Jake returns from his patrol, he realizes the captain has disobeyed his
order. Jake’s anger at his lover’s action is short-lived when Bart cannot be
located. Eventually, the team tracks Bart to one of the ruins, but they find no
trace of the man himself. Knowing they need help, Jake contacts the Alkya
base and an engineering squad is sent to assist Jake’s team in a
search-and-rescue effort.
Will the men be able to find Bart before its too late?
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