About Me?

I'm a Brit living in the Northwest of England who has
been able to leave my day job behind - though it has
become something of a quandary that there still  doesn't
seem to be more free time in my day.
I'm a long time reader of romance with a dash of
adventure but only stumbled over 'slash' pairings a few
years ago through reading Fanfic and was an immediate
convert. I've dabbled with writing for years and it
wasn't long before I was tapping away on the keyboard
inventing stories around two hot guys. I like reading a
story with a good strong plot and believable characters
and do my best to create them in my own work.
I have particular fondness for historical settings but
also thoroughly enjoy Sci-Fi and Fantasy, Paranormal
and Contemporary, finding the similarities as intriguing
as the differences. I have a variety of novels, novellas
and short stories released by various publishers.
I love to hear from readers and will happily respond to
any queries.
My Stories:

I want to tell stories that reveal how romance
laces everything in life, and that it applies
just as much to gay men as any other couple.

I like to explore the characters and what they
see in each other, show how the relationship
develops. Find out what it is that keeps them
together after the first flush of attraction.
Discover if what the characters go through
pulls them apart or makes them realize they
will be stronger together.

I try to set my heroes problems to solve,
dilemmas to live and grow through, pain to
survive and love to deserve.

Copyright: Stevie Woods 2007 - 2016

           All Rights Reserved